What's the point of sending the emails about node suspension?

I’ve been with a problem in my node for several days that was so unespecified that noone of my systems (Uptimerobot) has been hable to detect it.

was hoping that,in this case scenario,the suspension mail would warn me about things like these to fix them.

But what I’ve discovered is that I the mails where sended yeah,THE SAME DAY I FIXED THE PROBLEM. with suspensions from more than a week before.

¿what’s exactly the point of this system if the mails are not send if your node is not connecting to storj satelites?

Now I have ALL my satelites in the node suspended and hoping the disqualification never reaches,but I could have solve this sooner if I received this mails in time,and not after restoring the conection with the network.

and not even the suspension email,would be great some type of support from storj side in terms of advise us if something in our nodes is not good,like “eh,I’m satellite x,I’ve been without contact from your node from 1 day” email or somathing like that.

This is a great proyect but I fell like the development team leaves too much things to the operators expecting us to check and control our nodes flawlessly for that low payments budget


Where are you gering the emails from? :thinking: UptimeRobot?

No. I’m talking about this

my problem was so specific that even uptimerobot was unable to detect it

if you’re wondering

The emailing system is not robust enough yet. We evaluating the other provider, it could be better than the current one.


Created an issue: [storagenode] The email about suspension is coming only after check-in to satellite · Issue #4235 · storj/storj · GitHub