Will FreeBSD\FreeNAS support be added?

Source: Q3 2019 Town Hall, some answers may have changed since time of original answer. Please feel free at to chime in

Will FreeBSD\FreeNAS support be added?


Source: Q3 2019 Town Hall, some information may have changed since time of original answer. Please feel free at to chime in

In addition to support for Windows home as mentioned previously, we’re also releasing support for a number of popular Network Attached Storage Platforms including Western Digital, QNAP, Synology and also FreeNAS, the open source NAS software

Source: Q3 2019 Town Hall, some information may have changed since time of original answer. Please feel free to chime in

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From John Gleeson, VP of Operations:

“Absolutely…we’re adding a number of support options for supply side partnerships and of course freebsd FreeNAS is on the list”

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Any news on the FreeNAS support/FreeBSD binaries progress? It was supposed to be available a while ago according to the last Town Hall information.

This was addressed here Will FreeBSD\FreeNAS support be added? so this means it is on the roadmap to be implemented.

I know it will be implemented but when? That thread is exactly why I’ve made this one.

sorry I cannot give you an exact date. It is planned to be implemented asap.

Any updates on FreeBSD/FreeNAS support time frame?

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You can find the FreeBSD binaries for identity, linksharing, storagenode and Uplink in https://github.com/storj/storj/releases v1. 0.0

Oh perfect. Thank you!

Where can I found instruction how to start node on freebsd?


We doesn’t have one yet.
We would appreciate if someone with freeBSD and successfully installed storagenode will share this one

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I’m no expert and it was pretty simple assuming my node’s running correctly (according to CLI dash it is). Just download and unzip the freebsd binary. Running “./storagenode help” should tell you pretty much everything you need to know on how to create and edit your configs. Once that’s done start the node with “./storagenode run” which I did in tmux. You also need your identity files but there’s already instructions on how to generate those. Sorry this isn’t a detailed step by step as you’re probably hoping for but I figure it might be enough to get you going until someone smarter than me writes something up.

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Is there anything to be done differently when running it inside a jail?

I don’t believe so. I’m running inside a jail and wouldn’t even know the difference accessing it remotely. The only issue I seem to be having though is although the node is running and CLI dashboard says it’s online, the web dashboard is not working (thats here Web dashboard shows storagenode on FreeBSD as offline). Still not sure if this is an issue with storj or something on my end. I’d be curious to hear from anyone else who gets a freebsd node running whether or not the web dash works correctly or not.

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I’ll be trying it in the near future. As soon as I fathom that the file does not have an extension.

Blasted vi.

The configuration directory is actually the storage directory?

You can install nano instead, that’s what I did. Vi doesn’t seem to work properly in this case. I set a custom storage dir and don’t recall what the default is.

Right, I didn’t know where the file is, it automatically launched vi when I entered “storagenode config”, from what I can see, this contains nothing crucial for SNO. By configuration directory I mean the “main directory for storagenode configuration” - this is the data folder?

Also I don’t see where to enter the wallet address, the address and the email address.

Default config file should be /root/.local/share/storj/storagenode/config.yaml

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