Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox

I think it does not update itself. Maybe I killed the process by chance. Is there a way to force update the version?

I use my own updater it automatically update all windows gui nodes on PC

How to use your updater? In the toolbox button says update other nodes from main?

no I have other project updater working as serice, separatly. But in git it is outdated version.
I cant update installer on project any more.

Releases · TonyTosol/Advanced_Storagenode_Upater (

I installed it using your link. How to use it? Any readme file at all? It did not create any icons

wate i make additional file in git, you need to update exe file.

I think it worked! I see my nodes updated! Thank you! But I will grab a new file if you publish too

i publishet it, stop service. change file, and start service.
file is in program Files(86)\vadim…

service name advanced_storagenode_updater

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updater work as servise, same as storagenode, you dont need to do anything with it, it looks updates of node, every 24-72h chack updates and if there is update nodes.
this is how i have 70 nodes, and i dont need to care a lot about them.

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I first tried to execute from downloads, then copied into Vadim\AdvStoragenodeUpdater, still the same

have you stoped service in services? then change file, then start it in services

Yes, I killed the process in Task Manager

then you can start it in Sercices, find service with same name.

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I just installed your toolbox. Missing something… I dont see many graphical boxes

what version of toolbox is this? looks very old.

right. I opened link in the first post… it is a link to an old ver. my mistake

Hi - is this software only for windows gui installs or also docker install? :slight_smile:

@HGPlays - Windows only.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: