zkSync Era payments

Hello, do you know if you can receive payments in the “zksync era” network for the next month?

I have seen some configuration in this regard, but the zksync lite network and “zksync era” were set at the same time and I don’t know if it is correct to receive it in the new network.

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Instructions on how to signal that you would like to receive zkSync Era payouts once they become available are here:


OP asked if payments could be received on zksync era next month - not how to configure it.

We do not know at this point. But you may specify it as your preferred wallet feature, placing it on the first place in the option.


Still no storj contract in zksync era network so this month the payments will be delayed too

It’s not delayed, my nodes already received payout via Ethereum.
Or do you mean postponed for your node because you configured as a preferred payout option only zkSync Era and the node did not clear a Minimum Payout Threshold on Ethereum?
In that case you may also add a zkSync Lite to the wallet options list.

I’ve been paid. Considering Monday was a public holiday in Atlanta Storj have done really well this month to get the payments out so fast.

Ok zksync era network?

I see payments on ethereum network and maybe on zksync lite but not in zksync era

Last month the payment for the nodes that opted for zksync era and only set that network was paid a couple of days later at ethereum network because the payments was failed

And I don’t wanna use zksync lite

The payments on zksync era never will happen until there a contract to list the token there and seems that it gonna take some time

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No, I’m still on L1. I didn’t enjoy the zksync lite experience so will wait and see how era goes before deciding to move or not.

No updates about the zksync era payments?

The nodes with eth or zksync lite network seems that was paid

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Payments are incomplete and still going out. We have not yet sent zksync-era.

One blocker is getting STORJ listed on the zkSync Era bridge. We’re still working on that. If we can’t get that done soon we’ll be sending zksync-era payments via users’ selected fallback mechanism, like last month.


An update: September 13, 2023, August payouts complete and payouts announcements!