ZKsync Era to transfer Storj in Binance wallet

Hello! I recently saw that my last payment was entirely done via Zksync Era.
As I have 10 nodes, all setup with my Binance Storj address (and that worked well in previous Zksync Lite transfers), I am not sure what I am doing to get those tokens in my wallet.
From docs I learned that I need to get to zksync bridge and transfer all of them. I know it sounds silly, but I dont have a clue what to do in the bridge. Is there an address that I must send the fees so I can get storj tokens from L2 to L1? Maybe a screenshot of what I did so far (and it is wrong probably) could help:

Here is my connection to Binance Web3 wallet. From here I added that ETH fee, but when I hit continue, the addresses are the same on From and To:

Can you guys please enlighten me so I dont lose all my earned tokens? :slight_smile:

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One thing that I figure it out is that the main Binance wallet address (for Exchange) is different than the one on Web3 wallet… is this maybe the missing part? How can I transfer those tokens if the Binance Web3 wallet now is different from the one my Storj token are located?

So you received payments on zkSync Era and now you want to sell on Binance exchange? First consider that if this is your desired workflow you should just keep things on L1.

Then to do this, without requiring any ETH on zkSync Era you use the txSync Bridge to withdraw STORJ from Era to L1. You can pay this fee on Era using STORJ tokens. When withdrawing, provide the Binance exchange STORJ deposit address.

24 hours after initiating the withdraw on Era, you will need to pay an L1 claim fee to get the funds transferred to Binance exchange.

You can also try the zkSync discord for help.

Thanks for the hint!
I went thru your suggestion. Connected to mu binance web3 wallet, but i noticed that there was no fees displayed, and i cannot finnish this step.

Maybe this is too much for me, but i feel like i never dealt with any crypto before:))

So i am sorry for asking stupid questions, but i just dont know how to get further.

The only thing i got so far is that my nodes have the old storj deposit address on binance. When i created this web3 wallet, it generated a new address that is the one used to connect the binance to zksync.

I tried many times, but I got the same issue: Binance Web3 wallet is having a different address than the one I have added on my nodes. That is why it cannot see Storj tokens.
Any idea on how can I fix that?

Binance Wallet is a private wallet with a private key. And it’s called Trust Wallet by the way.
Binance deposit address is not your wallet, it’s their (exchange’s) wallet, here you do not have a private key. Not your keys - not your money. You must to trust the exchange.

Given that, your Trust Wallet address will never match the deposit address on any exchange, include Binance itself.
You may configure your Trust Wallet to show zkSync Era mainnet: zkSync Era: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started | Trust
The STORJ token contract address on zkSync Era:

You likely can use this wallet also to connect to the Bridges on zkSync Era, but you need to choose this network instead of Ethereum in the wallet before connect (it may also allow to change it on the fly - I didn’t check). On the Bridge UI you need to select STORJ tokens, not ETH both for the balance and fee and the deposit address on Ethereum (L1) of your exchange as a destination.

However, if you opted-in for zkSync Era on your nodes and specified the L1 (Ethereum) deposit address, then your tokens likely lost. You may try to contact the exchange’s support to help you to recover them to your deposit address.

So, in short - if you provides the L1 deposit address of any exchange in your nodes, then you must not opt-in for any zkSync, if you use the address from your wallet, then you can use any zkSync (Lite and/or Era).

As much i know Binance, not suport zksync storj, only ETH. so deposit will be only on L1

I created a ticket to support - hopefully I can get my tokens back!

Now I need to change that payment address. I already have Metamask and I thought to use it to store my Storj tokens - can this be possible? If yes, if I add Metamask Ethereum address in Storj nodes will be ok?

Now I am completely lost… i tried many wallets and I got the same thing: no Storj tokens found…
here is what I got if I connect to txSync Bridge:

I dont know when it supposed to insert the 0xA0806DA7835a4E63dB2CE44A2b622eF8b73B5DB5 address Alexey suggested.
I gave up… :frowning:

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The first thing, what’s needed is to add a zkSync Era network to your preferred wallet, for example Metamask, Trust Wallet and Binance Web3 Wallet are already have it. But they do not have a STORJ contract on zkSync Era by default.

The STORJ contract address on zkSync Era is:

Network zkSync Era mainnet
STORJ Contract 0xA0806DA7835a4E63dB2CE44A2b622eF8b73B5DB5
Name STORJ (usually imported automatically)
Number of digits 8 (usually imported automatically)

How to add STORJ token on zkSync Era to Metamask

  1. Switch the wallet account to your address (you need to have a private key from it, or the seed phrase)
  2. Switch the network to zkSync Era mainnet
  3. Add STORJ token on zkSync Era with the contract above
  4. Now you should see your tokens on zkSync Era network and your address

How to add STORJ token on zkSync Era to Trust Wallet

  1. Trust Wallet do not support multiple accounts unlike Metamask, so even if you can use the same seed phrase as for Metamask, which have your address, if it’s not the first address derived from the seed phrase, then it will not be available on Trust Wallet, because it’s able to derive only the first address from the seed phrase. If so, the address could be different after importing your seed phrase. In this case it’s no go. If the address is available - then everything is ok, you may go to the step 2.
  2. Add STORJ token on zkSync Era using the contract address above
  3. Now you should see your STORJ balance on zkSync Era

How to add STORJ token on zkSync Era to Binance Web3 Wallet

  1. Import your wallet using the same seed phrase. Since it’s made by Binance too, it has exactly the same limitation - it can derive only the first address. If it matches your address, you may go to the step 2, otherwise it’s no go.
  2. Add STORJ tokens on zkSync Era network using the contract address above
  3. Now you should see your STORJ balance on zkSync Era

How to see a zkSync Lite balance using any self-custodial wallet with your address

You may open https://lite.zksync.io/ in your browser and click the Wallet Connect, you will see a QR code to connect your wallet. Use a scan function in your wallet to connect.

Some wallets are able to open https://lite.zksync.io/ in their integrated browser (e.g. Metamask), there you would need to tap the Ethereum address, then name of your Wallet (e.g. Metamask) and confirm.

Binance Web3 Wallet is not able to navigate to https://lite.zksync.io/ from the app, but you may connect it via WalletConnect on that web3 site.

In the Binance Web3 Wallet navigate to More… → Connected Dapps, Add New Connection and scan the QR code from https://lite.zksync.io/ WalletConnect

Sometimes https://lite.zksync.io/ doesn’t switch to the balance automatically (I believe it’s a Wallet bug, at least I didn’t have this problem with Metamask), so you need to refresh the page and click WalletConnect again.

Then you may use any other functions of any of zkSync networks, like sending/receiving tokens to L2/L1 address, or swap them on exchanges.

I think any of Wallets cannot send tokens to L1 directly without DApps from zkSync Bridges.

So, you need to open a needed DApps either in your browser or in your Wallet in the Navigation/Explore/“whatever they call it” button and there you would be able to send STORJ tokens to L1 address either from zkSync Lite or zkSync Era.


Hi Alexey,
I am stuck at point no.1 - the address does not match.
Also, I have no ways from Binance web3 wallet to get the pass phrase, unfortunately. The only tutorial found on Binance site is not correct!
How to Locate Your Binance Seed Phrase (For Beginners) You | Remotecrypto on Binance Square

I was not being able to locate the “security” button anywhere. I am using just the mobile version for Binance.

What can I do?


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Tap the Wallet1 in the left upper corner, you will see a window with a list of wallets, tap the plus sign, the window to enter your seed phrase will open, put your seed phrase there and you should get this wallet.

However, I’m wonder, what’s address you have used in your node where you received both zkSync Lite and zkSync Era payouts?
Is it from the seed phrase or you have used this Binance Web3 Wallet thing?

Hi Alexey

It is a bit complicated. I dont know if I had the pass phrase as I have created the Binance account only on mobile. However, it must have the option to get it back somehow, but it isnt…

I used the Binance Storj deposit address.
I was receiving the tokens only on zksync lite. To claim them I just found out the manual transfer to work, meaning that I must transfer the fee amount on a specific address and with an exact amount.
From last month I got the tokens on zlsync era only, and the struggle since then to get them :frowning:
Is there any way to revert them from era to lite? At least this time?
I followed your steps to setup metamask wallet and changed all my nodes with the new address. Hopefully next month will have no issues.

Then I guess that you used the generated wallet address from their Binance Web3 Wallet, correct?
In this case you will not have either a seed phrase or private keys. You may got them accordingly their documentation, but this wallet wouldn’t be possible to use anymore in your Binance app.

You confused me even more. If you used the Binance deposit, it’s impossible to receive either zkSync Lite or zkSync Era (but you received them). I may guess that to withdraw from zkSync Lite you might use the expensive Alternative Withdrawal method to the same address on L1, so it may work, but you were forced to pay in ETH in that case, not with STORJ.
For the zkSync Era amount it’s not possible unfortunately.
So, I would hope that you used the wallet address from the Binance Web3 Wallet, not the direct Storj Binance deposit. Because in the latter case your funds likely lost. However, you may try to contact their support.

Yes, place zksync on the first place in the list of the wallet features.

Then the previous suggestion can be disregarded, you now has an own private wallet, where you control keys, not by the exchange. So you are free to use any network any time without any limits.

I used the alternative option from lite:

Then inserted my Binance storj deposit address. From there i have the option to claim all sent tokens. Next step is to make payment manually in ETH:

On this step I just followed the amount and address that needs to receive the transaction fee. I used metamask to send ETH the exact amount. The last numbers are the transaction ID related to:

Thats my withdrawal process… it was the only that worked for me so far.

Well from now on I will go on with metamask. I was wondering about the remaining stork tokens that were already sent to my old addres (binance storj deposit address).

They are lost unless the exchange would be so kind to recover them to your deposit address.

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This expensive alternative withdrawal is designed as an emergency method, if you would send tokens via zkSync Lite to the address where you do not have keys (like the exchanges deposit address), but if it was the address from the Binance Web3 Wallet, then you have keys (stored on the Binance servers, but you may take them away without possibility to return them back), so you might use the normal withdrawal using https://lite.zksync.io

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