Can I get my deleted files back?

Can I get my deleted files back?
I accidentally deleted everything

You are a SNO and deleted all the Data?
Than Unfortunately no :frowning:

Start over with a new Node.

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if You did not write anything new to the disk, You can recover deleted files with some data recovery program, there are free ones, but i like undelete by Lsoft, they often have promocode on fb You can snip some lifetime licence for some 10-20bucks, i did. but some other programs too offers even more easy ways to undelete just deleted files. And thats the one of the easiest scenario to recovery files, when You accidently deleted under Windows. Just the disk space must be not overwriten by any new data. OR if You are talking about Your buckets inside Storj panel thats should be easy to recover too, we the nodes, keeps the files for 7 days in case of such scenario. Not sure whats the procedure, wait for someone from official staff to speak.

I think you misunderstood, I’m using my account, so I’m not doing node with pc.

what is SNO?
I think there’s no way to bring it back.

Im sorry than i am wrong, i thought you are a Storage Node Operator (SNO).

But nevertheless I think there is no way back if you deleted your files from your Account.
I am using the StorjDCS too and I see no way to restore deleted Files.

But like ruskiem said, the Files are technically still Stored on the other nodes.
An interesting question, maybe there is a way to restore.

Good Luck!


Unfortunately, deletes are permanent. We may support a soft delete feature in the future, but this is not an option now.


i mean, why we store the files for 7 more days then?

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This is the case my feature suggestion was a about:

For unlikely event that satellite succumbs and needs to restored from the backup. Customers will lose new data but at least everything else up to they point will be in the consistent state

i mean that’s great, but why customers can’t use it for them as well, should be obvious they should be able to reinstate within 7 days as well, even only manually by contacting storj support.

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First of all, thanks to everyone
can I get my files back if I can go through storj within 7 days

As I already mentioned before, the deletion is permanent, we do not have a soft delete feature implemented yet that would allow you to recover already deleted files. See also our Terms of Service, section 4. (b) Backup. Company does not guarantee the maintenance of any Storage Materials and is not responsible for any loss, misuse, or deletion of Storage Materials or any failure of any Storage Materials to be stored or encrypted. You, solely, are responsible for backing up and maintaining copies of the Storage Materials.


I guess there is no way to get the data back, but thank you friends


I would also recommend you make sure you really deleted the files and your bucket does not just look empty because you are not using the same encryption keys as when you uploaded the files.


This would require a lot of engineering to implement, comply with all data retention policies, create separate api, manage data lifecycle, etc etc. it’s far from trivial. it’s definitely not as easy a the current one line failsafe — can’t find a piece? check trash!

And benefits are…. slim to nonexistent. If app or service relying on storj wants to implement “safe delete with recovery” for their customers — all power to them. But this is outside of storj responsibility or concern. There is no need to subject Storj service to feature creep. It must remain as simple as possible.


Actually it may have a similar experience with a currently developing versioning feature:

Sorry i am a bit confused here.
If the delete is permanent, what is all the trash data on my disk? (Speaking as an SNO)
I thought there was a feature to keep deleted data on the disk for 7 days.
What is that deleted data then?
What is the reason it is held for 7 days?
This is used disk space that SNO’s are not getting paid for…

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