Changelog v0.34.6

For Storagenodes

Changed Logging
In the storage node logs, you will now find 2 new log messages. upload canceled and download canceled

100MB Free Space for Node Selection Part 2
With v0.33.4 the satellite stopped selecting storage nodes with less than 100 MB free space (Part 1). With this release (Part 2) the storage node will send a message to the satellite as soon as they fall below 100 MB free space.

Fast Billing
Last payout a big portion of the download traffic got shifted into the following month. We promised to fix that. This time the payout will be correct including the traffic that was missing the last payout.

New Payout Process
We have a new payout process this time. Please be patient. The payout might take more days than usual.

For Customers

Gateway update
We have updated the S3 gateway. Please download the latest version from github.

DNS Resolution
The uplink doesn’t have to look up storage nodes anymore. The satellite will handle that and return the ip addresses instead of dns entries.

Fast Billing
We removed the 3 days billing offset. The download traffic should show up in the satellite UI within a few hours up to 1 day.


Satellites are all updated. For the storage nodes we are currently waiting for one more commit to get merged. Like last time we are going to roll out the storage nodes slowly. The plan this time is to publish the docker image last.


Changed Logging
In the storage node logs, you will now find 2 new log messages. upload canceled and download canceled

So this will be removing, replacing, or in addition to the upload/download failed messages?


Failed messages can still appear but only if something else goes wrong. For example if a file is missing. They will no longer appear as failed for context cancelled messages.

has the update been pushed yet

See @littleskunk’s comment 3 above yours :wink:


hope it will be soon, cant wait test my advanced storagenode updater in real life.

Does it have blinkenlights?

something like that.

so when 0.34.3 docker image?

Good work on useful utility software! I don’t use Windows but I’m sure everyone appreciates these useful mini-utilities around! :+1:

I guess the Docker image will get released in a business day or two, like last time.

Mine is also not updated yet (docker). Hope I’m not the only one? :slight_smile:

no one updated yet. there is no update itself.


Thought so but thanks for confirming. :+1:

May I suggest that the storj team be a little bit more specific and exact as to when updates will occur?

You can suggest that but at the moment there is nothing I can do. We are still missing one commit and I have given up to request an update every day.

how Storj works? coders are not employ? there shold be some dedlines

that is a bit rude my friend… of course there are deadlines but what are you going to do? Deliver something without a fix that you need? Sometimes you need to move the deadlines because you want a bugfix/feature in a release. Where’s the problem with that?


This was disheartening to read from someone who developed a log analyzer. Personally, I think, its devs option to let us know in advance what the updates are all about. They can easily post them after its deployed but this is done as a courtesy not as an obligation.

SNOs that are eager for an update but don’t want to keep asking can easily keep tabs on the releases page on github. The downloadable content like & changelog does show up when update is deployed. I hope this helps.


Why? It makes absolutely no difference.
The important is that sno is online, running and available!
Nevermind the releases, configure watchtower or windows sno update service and forget about :wink:
Configure uptimerobot and that’s it, let it run :slight_smile: