Huge drop in used data, ~ 7tb out of 22TB across 3 of 6 nodes

About 7tb gone (out of 22TBs) mostly in the last 3 days from 3 nodes. 1 Dock node was 4+ years old from Jan 2020. It was a full 4TB disk and dropped to 1.23TB in one day, well under breakeven. Have decided to gracefull exit that node, shut down the PC, and use the disk elsewhere. The gracefull exit process was very simple - nice improvement. Still waiting for it to complete. On a positive note, this should help data ingress on my newer nodes which have 12TB disks ~20% full. Still have one other full 4TB node from Oct 2019 and will wait to see if it takes a big drop too before deciding what to do with it. All remaining nodes are still receiving data so I guess this is due to normal test and free accounts data removal.


Recently the test satellite purged a lot of old data, around 80% of pieces that satellite is responsible for. See Huge amount of trash data?


I hope things return to normal as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

heh. What’s “normal”? Almost no ingress?

I would disagree with all respect. I want as much ingress as possible!


It means a time when there wasn’t as much trash as there was a two month ago.
I feel like the storj is now handling trash left behind by free customers!

In my situation, I upgraded to version 1.104 and ingress increased!

I hope so too :slight_smile:

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yeah, this one as well… We are deal with a lot of garbage right now.

That’s the whole point - to make storagenodes more performant than before!


Developers are having a hard time. I always support you. To become the best storage company in the future


But this is not real, they just counting something else now and calling it ingress. :wink:


more details on this please?

they meant that now the bandwidth usage is updated with allocation, not the settled value.
By default the libuplink will place an order equal or more the size of the object. When the customer finish or cancel the upload, this value should update and settle the actual usage for the order (and the account in total)

some paid data.

So we will see more traffic than what we will actually get paid?

You don’t get paid for ingress. But you could see more ingress bandwidth than actually happened.


It seems to be a completely useles number now. I wonder why they did this?

to makeup the numbers?

this helps a lot with nodes performance.

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Patatos got buffed. :grin:

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Correct. Instead of telling what you did receive, it is now telling what you may have received.
The only use I see is that you can tell your node is ready to accept uploads.

My thoughts on that:

Especially when databases are already on SSDs the performance gain is probably negligible.

It’s like showing cookies to a child and then throwing him some leftovers. Nope! You can’t have them all! You just get one.

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Mine have 1 node with nearly full 4TB and now just have around 200 gb data, all data moving to trash
Also thinking about graceful shutdown that node