I think it is better to move to Tezos blockchain

I think it is better to move to the Tezos blockchain due to low Transaction fees

Will fees on Tezos always be the same and never get high ?

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I do not know. Fact is the Tezos blockchain have much lower fees and will replace ETH

Some unknow thing wont replace ETH.
ETH has name alredy, and thousands of tokens run on it.

Tezos is well known and a rising star. Not only from price point of view

Etherium 2.0 also solved this problem so so there will be no problem

If ETH 2.0 will be ever released? Tezos is already working

I like the ZK Rollup + Ethereum approach, personally

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I also think the change of blockchain would bring something, whether xtz or avax, coupled with a staking reward to reward hodler of tokens.

We do not plan to switch blockchain again.

And what about running your own blockchain ? There are now in the community 10’000 potential node validators who will probably be keen on earning coins for that. And for others the possibility to delegate. There are many possible choice that can lead to low and flat transaction fees. If you look at Akash project with a similar concept of decentralized cloud, they decided to go with their own chain and AKT token is sky-4ocketing after 1 month live, meanwhile they are also targeting a low cost and efficient service. What will happen to STORJ economics if ETH reaches 10k, will STORJ be in position to be able to guarantee the payments ?

A reason to not make a new blockchain is summarized nicely here:


Indeed true.
However there is no standard in nature and I doubt one fits all will work for ETH.
Let’s wait how economics work.

You can take a look on one of the proposed solutions:

And also the ETH 2.0 is coming

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