Mail today: You were suspended on 2021-11-23 at 12:20 UTC

just saw 1 of my nodes was not working anymore but should be up again

just got this mail:

You were suspended on 2021-11-23 at 12:20 UTC.

You won’t receive any new data on this Satellite until you resolve the issue causing your node to be offline.

would be nice to get the mail earlier… its too long suspended or will it work again?

looks like its disqualified permanent isn´t it?

Looks like you should be ok here forward.

For monitoring, many people like UptimeRobot

Some use a phone alert system

Or scripts


i have 2 nodes on 2 dedicated servers, both where running for about 2 year without problem, i forgot to check them some month ago

nvm i deleted everything and make a new node
but it’s really very stupid to get the mails afters that long time and not when the node gets offline

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