Setting Up RPi4 64Bit

Hi gents, hope this will reach you welll! Yesterday i was setting up a node! Flashed an SD card with 64 bit OS in it, mount 3 Hds, merged them into a big one… All good… Today i was creating a node identity and the command returns that there is no such file nor directory! My question is does V3 node work on 64 bit OS? Is there a possibility for upgrading without format the sd card? Should it be added a path to identity file??? Thank you… Happy storing :slight_smile:

If you run: sudo identity authorize storagenode, then
your identity files (ca.key, identity.key, ca.crt, identity.crt) must be in:

No… It returns identity : command not found! It should be the path for that variable! When you list all the itens on that folder, it exists! Should be a symlink elsewhere (wildguess)

It was a PATH and a Permission issue! Step 5. Create an Identity - Storj Node Operator Docs

That was my thoughts initially, let us know if you continue to experience issues.

i´ve installed docker from here Install Docker Engine on Debian | Docker Docs ! Any problems running on RPI4 4GB? How do i see if the node is working properly? I think that it’s running! Althought i had a WARNING: Your kernel does not support memory limit capabilities or the cgroup is not mounted. Limitation discarded! What are the best configs for it to run smothly

Please never do so, with one disk failure the whole node is gone, use them separately and run 3 nodes instead (using an own generated and signed identity and different external port, each on own HDD).

Does the pi handle 3 nodes? How do i set it up? How often does a node fails? Each node should have its own identity? I want set it up to handle only 25MB/s upload and download speed, with 3 nodes will be difficult to manage other devices that i have on same network!

You better to take a look on Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

With 4GB and 4 cores it can handle 4 nodes, but it unlikely has so much USB ports, so you need either SATA extender or use an USB hub.

However, it depends on used OS

I’m trying to set it up… I have three disks on that node! i tried to remove one, the slowest! Unmounted it and edit the fstab file. When i remove the disk the pi doesn’t boot up (Fixed)! How could i set it properly using two disks on two nodes (Fixed)? Also manage to add port forwarding on router and domain name on service! I think it’s a fail!

You have to adapt the docker instruction:

-p [external port of pi]:[external port of docker container]

The last one defaults to 28967, but the first one can be freely adapted.

See also:

I think it’s running! At least one node! How do you see the stats for each one? I’ve seen elsewhere that there is a dashboard for each node! I was not able to find time for digging into it!

Hey… Hey… I think i’m up… at least one is :slight_smile: ! Getting serious… :slight_smile: ! I have some logs on one node, seems like it has a problem! Here’s a snapshot "2023-08-26 20:59:26,113 INFO exited: storagenode (exit status 1; not expected)
2023-08-26 20:59:28,125 INFO spawned: ‘storagenode’ with pid 55
2023-08-26T20:59:28Z INFO Anonymized tracing enabled {“process”: “storagenode”}
2023-08-26T20:59:28Z INFO Operator email {“process”: “storagenode”, “Address”: “”}
2023-08-26T20:59:28Z INFO Operator wallet {“process”: “storagenode”, “Address”: “0x20ba0ed29b38f63cfe96193b1e85365821a7058a”}
Error: Error starting master database on storagenode: group:
— stat config/storage/blobs: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/temp: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/garbage: no such file or directory
— stat config/storage/trash: no such file or directory


Not able to find the cure!

you missed the setup step for this node. Please note - each node must have an own generated identity, not a clone, otherwise all nodes will be disqualified for losing data.

Read my topic. It gives you all you need. The last post has the updated commands.

You are the MEN! Last night i was until 2AM trying to figure it out! Is it possible to set a bandwith limiter with the nodes? I have 100MB/s of upload and download speed! Could it be set it for each node to operate with only 25MB/s?

Why? They are not using that bandwidth nonstop. There are spikes of transfer, but in general, nodes use very small bandwidth, when pieces are stored or retrieved (ingress or egress). No need to put limits. Better, if you use that internet connection for other stuff, you can set QoS for nodes, to reserve a minimum bandwith for them, just to be sure you don’t loose races because you download a movie or something.

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Do you recommend to do a sd backup? What kind sd imager do you recommend?

I don’t know if a cloning tool works with SD cards, but they are the best for cloning drives. EaseUS I used while ago and is working great. But better than a backup would be to creat yourself a step-by-step guide, with all the instructions and commands, edited and saved with a coding text editor like Notepad++. That way, you don’t need backups that can get autdated, and you get back in business very quickly. You should put the identity files on your storagenode data HDDs. The databases don’t need backups. If you loose them, the node software will recreate them; you only loose the history on your side. Using backed up databases will get your node disqualified I believe.
And to prevent as much as possible drives and SD card corruption, you shoud use an UPS, that shuts down automaticaly the system, and good SD cards from known brands, like SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, with all those speed classes at max.