Update 2 on August 2020 Payouts

Hey Everyone,

This month’s payments are still on track to be made before the 15th of the month, but this month will be a delightful surprise to many of you. It will have some unusually high payouts!

One of the satellites we used for load testing in the early days of the V3 network was the satellite.stefan-benten.de satellite. For the last couple of months, we have been moving a lot of these load tests over to other satellites as well as bringing on more customers which is what has been creating the majority of the load on the network recently.

With this being the case we have been working to transition satellite.stefan-benten.de into a new role where it will no longer be listed on tardigrade.io/trusted-satellites (stay tuned for more). Because of that, this month’s payouts will include the held amounts for all non DQ’ed nodes who were on that satellite, in addition to normal monthly usage for all other satellites.

Summary: if you stored data for satellite.stefan-benten.de and had a held amount accrued there, you will be getting it back this month in addition to normal payouts.

Thanks for being such a great operator network!


Good news but a shame on the people that got DQ’d by this node. I am still non the wiser why my node got DQ’d by this satellite but was perfectly fine on all the others. Nothing changed, no data loss etc etc it doesn’t make sense.

Even more so that according to the report there was $44 worth of held - its a bit of a kick in the teeth and look at what you could have had.

Would be good if you considered wiping the slate and paying all held amounts for all against this satellite as it seems you have other plans…

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Holy wow, I was going to say, I just saw my monthly payment come through, and it was significantly higher than what I was expecting!

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Hey, @brad-pea I’m sorry to hear this; have you reached out to our support team or filed a support ticket about this matter? Your node could have been DQed for a number of reasons.


Probably gonna get close to the $600 mark this year…

Since I’m in the US, I guess this thread Jan will apply:


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Excellent news…too bad that Storj tokens are on such high exchange rate :frowning:

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I will keep good memories about him :slight_smile:


Not for free, worked out by SNO for many, many months

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Most of my held back is on Stefan-Benten but this is my 15th month on some satellites, so 50% of my held amount was being released… can’t wait :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Just sucks that you got that to deal with that tax stuff :sweat_smile:

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Wow! Just got my payment! A bumper month indeed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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Nice surprise indeed :slight_smile:

Node’s dashboards are still displaying the full Total Held Amount for this Stefan Benten satellite though: is this expected?

Shouldn’t this be zero now?

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thanks for the info; is there more info about the repurposing of Stefan’s satellite?

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That should be updated once all of the payments are done and we update the satellite with the payments report.


Alright, thanks @brandon :slight_smile:

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Hey Everyone, The Satellites should now be updated. The payouts have been completed.


Sounds a bit like a memorial, haha. He’s still alive! Rather than looking back I’m looking forward very much to see what’s the next phase. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of this satellite or at the least a satellite hosted by Stefan.

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another quick update from our team! Update on satellite.stefan-benten.de Satellite Payout Data on the SNO Dashboard

Wow, nice bonus, I’m even happier to have fought so long to keep my first node alive despite all the technical problems I encountered. :+1: :slight_smile:

My nodes are working fine.
I created an appeal on the forum and to the support service.
Here is the link - Disqualified on Stefan satellite during Graceful Exit

Everyone understands that the mistake is not mine. My nodes are new and working fine.
I ask you not to discriminate and unblock, to pay the money I earned.

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