Upgrade the HDD to a larger capacity HDD for Windows 10

Hello, friends.
I have a node STORJ installed for Windows 10 without using Docker on a 2TB HDD. I bought a new 6TB HDD and want to install it instead of the old one. How do I transfer data correctly so that everything works without problems? Is there a procedure?

Best regards, Alex

Hello @Vulcan
There is a procedure. The following link can be of great help to you.


You can just make additional node, and you will have 8TB insted of 2 or 6


Спасибо. А как это сделать в Windows? Есть ли какой-то мануал?
Thanks. How do I do this in Windows? Is there any manual?

Thank you janbs47 and Vadim. I’ve already found everything I need.

Mozhesh ispolzovat Toolbox, on ustanovit dopolnitelnyi node, no odin minus, obnovljat ego nado budet vru4nuju, v toolboxe, eto 1 nazhatie knopki.

Thank you. I’m going to try.

hi sir do you know the procedure for this?

Do you want to add node to windows GUI?

yes sir right not I have 4gb… what is the largest capacity of hard drive I can add?

what ever you want, you just make new windows gui node on PC for second HDD, get new indentity and new key for indentity

you mean i will make separate node?

Yess this is best option, but you can make it on same windows pc as first
You can use Toolbox abouth link, it can install aditional nodes to pc, for example i have 5-6 nodes per PC.

can you provide more details how to add more NODES using your toolbox GUi please?