Uplink set up: Unauthorized API credentials

Continuing the discussion from Gateway set up: Unauthorized API credentials:

Also Uplink cannot be set up due to unauthorized API credentials

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Remove $HOME/.local/share/storj/uplink/config.yaml if any
  2. Go to Project dashboard -> Access Grant
  3. Set Access Grant Name
  4. Continue in Browser
  5. Copy Encryption Passphrase
  6. Next
  7. Copy Access Grant
  8. Done
  9. Close
  10. See https://documentation.tardigrade.io/getting-started/uploading-your-first-object/set-up-uplink-cli
  11. 2. Save Access Grant to a file
  12. 3. Import Access Grant
  13. uplink mb sj://temp

Expexted result: sj://temp should be created

Actual result: Error: uplink: uplink: permission denied (bucket: metainfo error: Unauthorized API credentials

What was missed here? What do API credentials have to do with here? And what is Token on the dialog of Create Access Grant in CLI???

I believe we still have a bug with brower cache. Could you please generate a new access grant but make sure to hard refresh the page before you do so?

It worked! Thank you very much.

I have updated the open bug in our backlog. Hopefully it will get fixed at some point.

The bug has bugged me two days in a row. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so nobody would be consumed by that.