What is the best file system for storj node?

Coudnt find, so what is the best file system for storj node? especialy large discs 6-10TB?
NTFS? Ext2-4? exFAT? FAT32 ;D ?
And what Cluster Size? Under Windows 10

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The best filesystem for the OS is native.
Since you are on Windows the answer is obvious - NTFS with default parameters.


I’m running StorJ in Docker on my Synology DS412+, which has BTRFS.
Running for last 3 months.
No issues.

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I am also running BTRFS, no problems or errors related to my array

Please, don’t use the BTRFS on regular systems except Synology. They fixed most of bugs and it’s working fine on Synology.
Unfortunately they didn’t share the code with a community. The mainstream of BTRFS code is still not ready for production.

I have to disagree on that blanket statement with you. You base it on the fact that I reported failed audits and after I mentioned that I use BTRFS you quickly blamed BTRFS for that. But the truth is, that there was a bug in Storj where already deleted pieces got audited and therefore failed. Failed Audits (v0.21.1)

The bug seems to be fixed now and I don’t have failed audits anymore since then.

BTRFS on a single disk is perfectly fine. The BTRFS status page only considers RAID5 unstable and the issue you quoted affects only a 2 drive RAID1 when 1 drive fails and the user mounted it a second time in degraded state. I have a 3 drive RAID1 as my media storage and after 1 drive failed and multiple degraded mounts I was able to replace the disk without problems.

This is just a link with explanation why I do not recommend to use BTRFS on regular systems