Multi-Node Dashboard

One does eventually operate multiple nodes. What do you guys use to monitor them all at once?

Linux and docker running?

I have created a Grafana dashboard that sends me email alerts if one of my storage nodes doesn’t operate within my expectation.

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Yes. Ubuntu 20.04 and docker.

Does it work well? Was considering something like that and looking for good configs.


I’m still using the below, because it is just really simple and works perfectly and looks nice.


If you’re interested, you can help me extending my bash script, coz I have just one node in operation. I can provide some options and optimizations based on your needs and you can verify, if it works well. Nothing to install separately, just make sure, the required libraries are installed.

Check this - MND Dashboard - Payout Flow

you can install it by following this and taking the most recent binary from github
doesn’t quite do all the fancy stuff that grafana can do tho, but it is very light weight and i find it pretty reasonable.