NOV. 3, 2020: All monthly payouts have been completed

NOVEMBER 3, 2020: All monthly payouts have been completed

October payouts are now complete.

If you have feedback or questions, contact


That was fast this month! :+1: :smiley:


Agreed! Very fast this month indeed. :+1: great work team Storj.

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We noticed 2 mistakes in October payout. The conversion rate was off by 10% and some storage node didn’t submit all orders. Our first priority is now to fix both bugs as quickly as possible. Second priority is to regain trust. It is too early to promise anything. For now let’s say we will evaluate how we can correct the payouts as good as possible. Because fixing the bugs has the highest priority it might take a few days before we look into correcting the payout.


This may make people who have already done so unhappy, but does this mean SNOs should not be deleting orders files that have been unsent just in case they are needed? Or will these be irrelevant to the potential fix?

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how do we know if we are affected by the didn’t submit all orders bug…?

i mean i’ve been seeing my logs writing no orders to send for a while, asked around about it on the forum and was told it was fine… not sure if it’s relevant…

my payout looks fine, when looking at the dashboard numbers…compared to payout, but not sure i would spot a 10% difference :smiley: nor do i really know if my dashboard is accurate with my actual data usage…

my numbers look normal from what i can see, when comparing to other months… in the dashboard :smiley: so

thanks for keeping a good track of everything…

P.S the no orders to send isn’t an error message my log’s are basically flawless

Well, simple. You check the dashboard payout history and bandwidth for the last month against the output of script. If there is no difference, then all your orders have been sent…


oh yay more weird programming language scripts i’m unfamiliar with, how about no…

i checled the /storj/orders/unsent/ folder to see if i had any waiting to be sent, and i didn’t
from what i can tell it all seems fine…

i do seem to have consistently 10 files in unsent… in pairs of 5 split over two different time periods 30min or 1 hr apart which seems to update every 30min or hour

haven’t really monitored it for longer, oh yeah and it seems to be 2 files for each satellite

If you do not have orders older than 48 hours, you are not affected.
Also, you can check the orders/archive for rejected orders as well.

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just have a very long list of files with names ending on ACCEPTED so i would think thats fine also.

one thing i did note was that some files are named .v1 while the others just end in ACCEPTED
also seems to be something there is a certain amount of for each satellite…

thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the update @jocelyn. Just some feedback, it seems no longer shows the token value at time of transfer. It now always shows current token value.

We would need the dashboard to record the token value at the time of transfer in $ for record keeping and cannot rely on any more as it’s unavailable.

This would improve transparency of payments made in $ value.


Another nice thing would be to add the STORJ earned in the payout dashboard.

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I made this…

Rant and reasons

yeah i was just thinking that again when i was looking at my payment history
it’s really difficult to make sense of it on a later stage, unless if one looks up the conversion ratio of that moment and again, since the payout days isn’t fixed, that would mean

first checking the wallet of when the payment went in.
second looking up the dollar value in the dashboard
third going back online a checking the exact value of the token when payout was made…

ofc aside from that one would need to account for difference is buy and sell values and what not, if that is a factor…

so yeah adding the storj token dollar value at the time of payout in the dashboard should really be a feature request… :smiley:

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It will allow you to see an estimation on date of transfer, but some time later

You can vote there:

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